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Wakanda is Trump’s America

WARNING: The following contains major plot spoilers for both Black Panther and Captain America: Civil War

With the excitement around the popularity of Black Panther and the hope that it marks a turning point in black culture, many have begun drawing socioeconomic similarities between the film and modern history. It’s not hard to see why the film is garnering such critical acclaim. And with its dominance at the box office for the second straight week, conservative estimates are pushing the film into the $1 billion club before its box office reign is over. (more…)

Jesus was probably a Democrat

If you know me, you know I loath the modern democrat party…and in recent years the republican party has been vying for top pick among hatred of political parties. So this is going to come as a surprise when I say: I think if Jesus were on earth today, he would most naturally be affiliated more closely with the democrat party than the republican party…politically speaking. But before heads explode and people think I’ve gone bat-shit crazy, let me explain myself. Now if you haven’t been to Sunday school or you’re slacking on your confessions, a lot of this may not be familiar to you. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it as best I can.


Why Succesful Black Men Date White Women

Being a young black man who refuses to view the world in black and white, it appeared as quite a shock to me that many African-American and Caucasian women would be in a debate as to why many successful black men will choose vanilla or caramel over the dark chocolate. I refused to voice my opinion on this subject except to a few close acquaintances until I saw this article, which quite frankly, is one of the most idiotic posts I have seen. But that is beside the point because ultimately the article completely misses the point about why successful black men constantly date white women over their darker skinned counterparts. In my estimation, it really has nothing to do with skin color but rather psychology.