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Orrett Morgan II

Systems Engineer
I am a Systems Engineer, web developer and IT consultant with over 6 years experience in the architecture, building and managing of physical, virtual and private cloud infrastructures in financial, healthcare, aerospace, and government sectors


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An Open Letter: Dear Pastors, Jesus Was NOT a Social Justice Warrior

However, what most people are uninformed about is nowhere in the Bible did Christ take a political stance on any issue at all.

Wakanda is Trump’s America

WARNING: The following contains major plot spoilers for both Black Panther and Captain America: Civil War With the excitement around the popularity of Black Panther and the hope that it marks a turning point in black culture, many have begun drawing socioeconomic similarities between the film and modern history. It’s not hard to see why […]

Jesus was probably a Democrat

If you know me, you know I loath the modern democrat party…and in recent years the republican party has been vying for top pick among hatred of political parties. So this is going to come as a surprise when I say: I think if Jesus were on earth today, he would most naturally be affiliated […]

Why Succesful Black Men Date White Women

Being a young black man who refuses to view the world in black and white, it appeared as quite a shock to me that many African-American and Caucasian women would be in a debate as to why many successful black men will choose vanilla or caramel over the dark chocolate. I refused to voice my […]